MediaBox Press Release

Megalink Technology Co., Ltd. announced the release
of a new entertainment device, the multi-purpose MediaBox.
The sleek MediaBox combines an instant-on DVD player,
a stereo system, and a personal computer,
all powered by remote control.

At the heart of the Solutions MediaBox is the etBIOS entertainment module. Running
independently from the operating system, the easy-to-use etBIOS menu displays a few
seconds after powering on the MediaBox and can be used to play DVDs and VCDs, or
listen to Audio CDs and MP3 CDs. As befitting a DVD player, the MediaBox includes a
40-button remote control with a trackball for navigating menus, adjusting audio, and
exercising complete control of the MediaBox from a relaxed position.

When integrating an entertainment center with a computer, the most important feature
is convenience. Nobody wants to wait for an operating system to boot-up before listening
to music or watching a movie, and users wouldˇ¦nt even consider buying such a device
without it offering the freedom of a remote control.

To complement the video and audio convenience, the MediaBox also features a full
stereo sub-system with an integrated 20-watt amplifier, a 25-watt sub-woofer, and two 360˘X
satellite speakers.

Adding bonus to value, the MediaBox boasts a sleek dynamic outlook. Unlike                 unimaginative PCs that are better left hidden under a table, the MediaBox comes in a stylish aluminum housing with an innovative sliding front panel and backlit LCD. The LCD serves both as an alarm clock and a display for PC Health and status animations. Users can customize the front-side LCD by choosing among six backlight colors and downloading custom animations.

The MediaBox is also a fully functional PC, complete with Microsoft Windows XP Home
Edition and a multimedia software bundle including WinDVD, digital photo management,
and audio ripping software. For easy high-speed connectivity to other digital devices such
as digital cameras, MP3 players, and camcorders, the MediaBox features front-end
ports including two USB 2.0 ports, two IEEE 1394 ports, and line out. The MediaBox also   supports TV and digital out, SPDIF, and integrated LAN

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Megalink Technology designs innovative digital products for the workplace, home, and
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